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How can we get you such low rates? It’s simple… first, we learn about your needs and how you accept credit cards. Then we determine which processor is most appropriate in meeting your needs. These processors include Worldpay, Wells Fargo, First Data, Elavon and TSYS. Pricing is to some degree under our control. We make sure you get low, wholesale rates. We believe that if you want to succeed in business today — and stay in business — you need to provide real value. That’s why we offer the same deal to you that we offer to our own family members who own businesses. What we lose in profit potential, we make up in volume and long term loyalty.

Credit Card Process 4 Less is a locally owned & operated Ft. Lauderdale Credit Card Processing Company. All of the processors we represent have 24/7 customer service departments. In fact, some have actually won industry-wide awards for their excellent customer service. If there is ever a problem, just call us directly at 954-558-0886, and we’ll call the processor to get things resolved for you. No hassle. No stress. And there’s more… we at Credit Card Process 4 Less actually audit our clients’ statements every six months to make sure nothing untoward is happening with their processing. This often saves our clients unnecessary fees and overcharges.

Our Services

The Ultimate in Credit Card Processing

CreditCardProcess4Less is a broker of credit card processing services, serving clients nationwide. We provide “custom tailored” credit card processing for all major credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® plus processing for EBT, government cards, checks, and gift and loyalty cards.
We may be attractive because of our low processing fees, but with everything else we offer, you’ll never think of leaving us! We offer the ultimate in customer service based right here in the good old U.S. of A. For routine questions and problems, our processors have domestic call centers for voice authorization and client assistance that is supported by a dedicated and well trained staff of service professionals available 24/7. All of our processors are equipped to efficiently and quickly resolve practically any issue. That’s service you can count on! Feel free to save the hassle – just call us for your service issues and we’ll take care of them for you – 954.558.0886
Our merchants range from small home-based companies to national, multi-million dollar accounts. We have retail merchants, e-commerce/internet merchants, mail order/telephone order, business-to-business enterprises, non-profits and much more.

Credit Card & Debit Card Processing

Internet & PC Solutions

Virtual Terminal

Shopping Cart/Mail Order

MultiPay Recurring Payments

Merchant Cash Advance

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Electronic Check Processing (ACH)

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Wireless Terminals

Terminals & POS Equipment


The benefits of the Virtual Terminal, but specialized to manage recurring and installment payment transactions automatically according to a billing cycle. MultiPay can also process ACH bank draft payments. It’s ideal for monthly home service companies, rental apartments, monthly tuition payments and much more.
MultiPay Recurring Payments
Because we work with 18 different processors, we are compatible with almost every shopping cart system available today. Virtual Terminals process either real-time or batch transactions by leveraging the power of the Internet. The Virtual Terminal is perfect for traditional retailers with multiple points of sale, mail order/telephone order merchants, shopping cart situations or locally hosted Internet retailers. Simply log-on to your secure account using a unique username and password, then you can key in card data. A card reader can also be connected so your computer functions more like a traditional terminal without the added expense.

What We Offer

Very low rates


Easy Set Up & Application


Hassle-Free Experience


We match your needs to what our 18 processors offer, then have them provide wholesale rates to you

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Why Select Credit Card Process 4 Less

Best Match

Clients are placed with the processor who is most appropriate for their needs

Low Rates

Our processors offer low wholesale rates


We do not mark up equipment purchases

Quality of work

Our clients call us instead of the processor for any problems so we can advocate for them and get problems solved quickly and easily.

Peace Of Mind

We audit your statements every 6 months to make sure rates have not increased and your account remains secure from breaches

Hassel Free

No early termination fees

Let Us Shop The Best Rates

It is time to save money on your Credit Card Processing

At CreditCardProcess4Less, we realize how difficult it is to make a profit in today’s economy. We believe that if we offer the finest service in the industry and significantly reduce your processing fees, we will be your processing company forever. We would rather have a client-for-life than take lots of money from you for a short period of time.
There are three basic costs in credit card processing. Interchange fees are the largest portion and are charged by the issuing banks. Your processor simply collects these fees and sends them on to the issuing banks. Credit card companies such as MasterCard® and Visa® charge assessments. Again, your processor collects and sends on to Visa/MasterCard. The balance is charged by processing companies for coordinating the transactions between the merchant, banks and credit card companies. This is the only portion where we can save you money. How? Because we keep tight control of costs and we don’t mind taking a smaller amount. Remember, we want you to be our customer for life!
Other things to be considered are early termination fees (we usually don’t charge this), batch out times for next day funding, compatibility with existing software, option to get a free terminal, most appropriate American Express Rate Plan, and much more.
All you need to do is email us your two most recent monthly processing statements. Within 48 hours we’ll show you exactly how much money you’ll save by processing with us.
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About Us

Our History

Credit Card Process 4 Less was founded by Paul Goldstein and Barry Lynn, successful business executives who saw the need for businesses to have an advocate helping them to select the right processor for their needs, getting them honest low rates, and helping them with service problems. Innovators in their fields of home building and internet advertising, and long-term customers of credit card processing services, Goldstein and Lynn developed the concept of providing processing services by shopping the rates of multiple institutions, and getting terms that are most suitable for the client. Along with their commitment to being among the lowest cost processing services, Credit Card Process 4 Less has been able to reduce processing costs over 95% of the time.


We want to be your credit card processing company forever. That means we must deliver on our promises. That’s why you’re going to receive discounted wholesale rates as low as you can find. Simply stated, we are dedicated to providing the lowest processing rates along with the finest, most acclaimed award winning service in the industry. We guarantee it!

Join our list of delighted clients by emailing us your two most recent processing statements. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours showing you exactly how much we can save. Email to Be sure to include your name, phone number, email address, website address and what equipment you use for processing.

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