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Credit Card Process 4 Less

Ft. Lauderdale Merchant Provider & Credit Card Processing

What We Do For You

How can we get you such low rates? It’s simple… we shop rates of 15 different processors including Worldpay, Wells Fargo, First Data, and TSYS. We even work with processors who specialize with high-risk accounts that most processors cannot handle. And there’s more. We believe that if you want to succeed in business today — and stay in business — you need to provide real value. That’s why we offer the same deal to you that we offer to our own family members who own businesses. What we lose in profit potential, we make up in volume and long term loyalty.

Credit Card Process 4 Less is a locally owned & operated Ft. Lauderdale Credit Card Processing Company. All of the processors we represent have 24/7 customer service departments. In fact, some have actually won industry-wide awards for their excellent customer service. If there is ever a problem, just call us directly at 954-558-0886, and we’ll call the processor to get things resolved for you. No hassle. No stress. And there’s more… we at Credit Card Process 4 Less actually audit our clients’ statements every six months to make sure nothing untoward is happening with their processing. This often saves our clients unnecessary fees and overcharges.

The economy is tough. Everyone is suffering. The government bails out the largest of companies. But who’s watching out for you? Credit Card Payment 4 Less is. We’re committed to helping you save money. We offer the finest quality credit processing, and the finest service at the lowest possible cost.


Have a problem? Don’t call the processor, we’ll handle it for you


Guaranteed among the lowest fees in the processing industry

What We Offer

Very low rates, easy application, easy set-up, hassle-free experience


We match your needs to the best of our 15 processors (including high-risk)

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